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of the united states house of representatives. the united states senate, the senate majority leader, the speaker of the house, the honorable edward brooke, and the president of the united states. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, majority leader of the united states senate, the honorable harry reid. [applause] >> everyone, please be seated. november 6, 1962, was a special day for president john kennedy. it was a day his brother ted won his old seat in the united states senate. the seat he would hold for the next 46 years, until just two months ago. a seat from which he would greatly improve the lives of his fellow americans. but on that election night, president kennedy took particular notice of another result from that same ballot in massachusetts. the people of the president's home state had elected edward brooke to be its attorney general, making him the first african-american to hold statewide office in massachusetts and the first african-american to serve as any state's attorney general. president john kennedy exclaimed, and i quote, "that's the biggest ne
and come to the united states and harm us physically or our nato allies or others. that's our quest. now can that quest be coupled with the ideas for nato -- schools, building a police force that is not corrupt, but also is efficient, and to do this in a country in which the literacy rate is so low, the poverty is so endemocratic. the whole traditions of dealing with money as to who your friends were is really so much a part of just existing. i think for the moment, the president from press accounts is looking at it province by province. he's looking at being in the medium-sized cities as well as the hamlets in the country. how does this match up with what we are doing with a line drawn by europeans a long time ago to divide the countries? do we understand the poshtoon culture? well, yes and no, and we're all learning fast, including the president, but i think we are learning. if the president does come forward with a plan or plans, he must make that very specific. and that is a very big quest. it will not do to have a tentative feeling that now you see if, now you don't, and this is amo
and the other is that jesus isn't just for christians in the united states, christians love jesus but so do buddhists and jews and hindus and people without any religion whatsoever. >> the jesus image is multiadaptble bause we are a 3489 religious nation. >> that's right, we're a multireligious nation but also a christian nation where 80% or so of the country are christians and they put jesus on the national agenda and then people of all different religions and without any at all respond to that figure. >> why did thomas jefferson become consumed with revising the bible by omitting a lot of it in his own text of the bible as you began your book with? >> well, presumably it's not because he didn't have anything else to do, i mean, he was a pretty busy guy in the white house but he ordered a couple books from england, a couple bibles and he sat there in the white house and he cut and pasted and took out the miracles and took out the resurrection. he believed jesus was a good guy, he believed he was one of the most important philosophers ever but he didn't like christianity and he was able to
that whenever its firepower, the united states is impatient and will eventually go away. a visit to afghanistan reveals both sides of this complicated and ambitious strategy." we want to be more of your reaction to this story about king abdullah -- to this story about the withdrawal of abdullah abdullah. caller: this is a way for obama to disentangle himself from afghanistan under the pretense that we cannot further sacrifice troops in support of a government that is obviously corrupt. thank you. host: the secretary of state had the only response yesterday. israel put forth what the secretary called unprecedented concessions. netanyahu offered them in an effort to restart peace talks, a departure of the administration's earlier criticism of israel. meanwhile, the story this morning is inside a "the new york times." -- inside of "the new york times." "the secretary of state failed on saturday to slow down and not stopped the jewish construction of settlements on the west end. edward, good morning. caller: we need to enhance our relationships with all people. i think that obama should stand up an
policy he has. his one great achievement is to enhance the status of the united states. now, that happens to have zero cash value it turns out. the iranians, the north koreans, the afghan government, china and india regarding carbon limitations he's made no progress on any of these fronts but people like us better so i suppose that's an achievement. >> i think he absolutely has changed, george, the perception of america. i think he's also changed some things here, the economy. when you look at the gdp up 3.5. when you look at 30-year mortgages and a lower rate than it's ever been. >> be careful. unemployment almost 10%. >> unemployment -- again, the hardest thing once you bring an economy back is the jobs. i think he has to finish the task. let's remember, george, he's only been there ten months as president. in nine months he's helped restore america's image, helped to stop the hemorrhaging of ons and bring the economy back, so in nine months when it usually takes to make a baby he's starting the rebirth of america. >> ed gillespie, valerie jarrett's answer on why the partisan divide has
, matthew hoh says he has lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purpose of the united states presence in afghanistan. "is not how ware fighting the war, but why." evan, what you make of that resignation? >> it is disturbing. the state department is not a player out there. i don't know what his circumstances, but they need every state department person taking get out there. the military is running the show, and that is an imbalance. counterinsurgency is as much a civilian, the state department, nation-building thing as it is a military thing, and the military is doing all of it. >> jonathan, anything you on when the president will come to a decision? -- anything new on when the president will come to a decision? >> he is meeting with his advisers on friday. what you are sharing increasingly is mcchrystal lite, which is that he will probably answer more troops into afghanistan, but probably not the 40,000 mcchrystal wants to see. >> charles? >> we are having these debates about the matter of the strategy. at the heart of this is an issue that david brooks raced in the friday "n
different thing. >> strategic question for the united states, which is, which is more important, the country with all of the oil, the country that was developing nuclear weapons or the country that just happened to host the senior leadership of al-qaeda on the day that 9/11 occurred? it seem as though we're putting a lot of effort into a place in the broader scheme of things shouldn't matter very much. >> the administration will say afghanistan doesn't matter but for the fact that it is next to pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons. it will have repercussions in a place you don't want repercussions. >> and money down the road, when they -- if we need to have them create their own security forces and their own sort of personal area of responsibility, we don't know whether they're going to have money to do that. they don't have economy to do that. doesn't look like there is a way for that to come. >> all right. guys, next we'll look at 2010 defense spending. you're watching this week in defense news. (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly... (voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the
. the president warns there is still a long way to go for a recovery in the united states. and a rocket looks a lot like a rocket from a generation ago. welcome to this week. a review of the major news stories seen here over the past seven days. pakistan and afghanistan share a border. they also share a deadly surge of terror. this week's attacks occurred in a busy market in pakistan. it was brought by a suicide bomber which killed more than 100 people and injured at least 200 more. hillary clinton was visiting the country. she pledged support against the militants. our reporter is at the scene of the attack. >> chaos and carnage. lives were destroyed. the city was on high alert but still the bomber got through. the location, this busy marketplace full of stores selling children's toys in women's jewelry. this is a likely target. my son died here, he said. locals tried to find survivors. then this. the bomber parked his car ride outside a holy place, a mosque. local people are trying to help the emergency services. they say the mosque took the full force of the blast which was brought to the
the president of the united states for encore dine. our molly line asked the governor about the unprecedented assist from the white house. >> just one quick question. the president here for a third time. unprecedented visits. do you think in the final days there is a sense of concern on the white house and the national implications of the race. >> this is not a last minute decision. this was part of a plan to work together. we have been partners on turning our economy around and investing in jobs, saying jobs. >> i think it is good for the president, if we win at the end of the day the most important issues that people will consider when they go to the booth are things here in new jersey. f it fires up my base and democrats and people interested in keeping the momentum that president obama has laid down on turning our nation around from the disasterrous eight years of the bush administration, trickle down economics that failed, cost americans seven and a quarter million jobs, i if it fires upe base i think it is great. >> geraldo: corzine's challenge letter tried to minimize the president gra
at the constitution of the united states. so after a time, a number of years, he began to see the document as a hope and you wonder, am i being consistent? if i am not being consistent, there is not anything to prevent me from doing what i want. everyone will have something different what they want and we will have chaos. so there is a different pattern. you begin to see things as a whole. looking back, i think, yes, there are certain principles or purchase or ways that a judge will have of approaching certain problems. >> there is a lot to be setup with the approach. one of my favorite cartoons is two justices in robes coming off the bench, and one says what i really get a kick of is taking the law into my own hands. [laughter] >> the court decided four years ago when it ruled on the death penalty being unconstitutional for juvenile under the age of 18. justice scalia, why do you think it is wrong? >> because i think what the ban and in 1791 when it was adopted, it means today. for example, why not say that the death penalty is unconstitutional apply to everybody, not just people under 18? what sto
be the united states is no more cruel than it was then, but it provides to other provisions of the bill of rights as well. for example some of the provisions according trial rights to defendants. many people today don't think these provisions are as important as the framers did, such as the right to trial by jury. britain polished it for minor crimes, even, and for all civil matters. now, the constitution guarantees it for all civil matters, common law exsithe -- exceeding $20. the constitution assures criminal defendants, for example, that they have the right to confront witnesses against them. and it is clear what confronting means. it is clear the witness has to come to court and testify. there are people that think it is a lot of trouble. europeans never did it that way and there are some people that think we shouldn't do it that way and that has been one of the issues before our court. if you believe in an evolving constitution you would eliminate the right of confrontation, which our court did essentially for 20 years. you don't have to come into court. the court can submit hire,
a couple of ways in which antagonism toward the united states an incentive to conduct anti-u.s. violence has been exacerbated. it is not a switch that lips were after one troupe or 70,000 troops, what was not an occupation becomes an occupation. it is a matter of degrees. the more of a war is seen to be americanized, the more we will furnish the issue of anti- occupation. it brings into the fight many people who have no sympathy for the objectives of the taliban, but they become enemies of hours. -- enemies of ours. there is also the collateral damage and casualties that we have read all too often about, which are an inevitable byproduct of even the most carefully planned and skillfully executed counter terrorist operation. these things are important not because we are running a popularity contest, but because the anti-american sentiments that they generate and encourage mean that many more supporters for anti-u.s. terrorism and that many more people who are likely recruits. we hear a lot about pakistan as well. the main point about pakistan is, what happens in pakistan will depend on fo
. these are not small issues. it is not written in stone that the united states of america will be as strong as we have been for the decades and centuries to come. you only have to be a casual student to understand that strong countries used to be strong em pirps have to renew themselves at moments of challenge. we led in the industrial revolution. we led in the information revolution. we have to lead in the green revolution and china and india and other countries are aggressively in that space. so this is what he's asking people to do is not necessarily thing that is the short-term benefit will be clear in the next election or the one after that or the one after that. washington has failed the country because they refuse to do the tough things that we all know we have to do. if we don't make the right progress on health care and energy, our economy is going to struggle for decades to come. >> all goals but you are in the politics business k. he take the message without suffering losses next year? >> well, everyone in washington wants to predict what happens next fall. this thing has 20 lifetimes. i th
on what he thinks the democrat plan of healthcare reform will do the to the united states. we have preview of exclusive interview you'll see only on "fox news sunday." listen. >> this is not about insuring the uninsured, it's not about healthcare. this is about stealing one-sixth of the u.s. private sector and putting it under the control of federal government. when they get the healthcare bill if they do, that's the easie easiest, fassest way to regulate every aspect of human behavior. it all has some related cost to healthcare. what we drive, what you eat, where you live, what you do. and it will be penalties for violating regulation. it will be the biggest snatch of freedom and liberty that has yet occurred in the country. >> julie: as we mentioned you can see the exclusive interview in its entirety tomorrow on "fox news sunday". check local listing for air times in your area. tonight, the u.s. transferred six guantanamo bay detainees. fox news confirming six detainees have been moved to the island east of the philippines. they agreed to take up to a dozen part of a muslim minority in c
these officials who allowed this to happen. the united states i guess went along with that. why doesn't it change the situation? >> well, i think first of all, as i said, he made a political judgment. i thought that his remarks today were rather moderate. he left open as to whether his supporters should participate in the process. he's establishing himself as a leader of the opposition. but every poll that has been taken there suggested that he was likely to be defeated anyway. so we are going to deal with the government. obviously there areish issues we need to discuss such as reducing the high level of corruption. these are issues we'll take up with president karzai. >> schieffer: is there any word, mr. axelrod, on when we can expect the president to make this decision on whether or not he's going to put more troops in there? >> bob, i expect the president will make a decision within weeks. as you know, he's gone through a very rigorous process because the goal here is not just to make an mathematical judgment about the number of troops but to make sure we have the right strategy to reach our g
music? >> complaining something he is doing as president of united states becomes a political issue it's like really? welcome to heavy burden and responsibility of the presidency of the united states. yeah, what you do is going to become a political issue. you can't be burdened by that. >> i agree with you that he is in that, he is like that. when he doesn't like something. but i with sympathize with obama here, i absolutely do. he has to live his life. to give up golf because we have an afghan conflict? i want the president to have some relaxation, his mind to be clear. i want him to go out on a date with his wife. if his wife wants to see a broadway show, more happiness to him. i think it's ridiculous and petty. the american public should live them as man and wife and leave them alone. okay, carlson, hoover? >> what did i say marriage is separate. marriage is a work in progress. >> bill: i hate that word, work in progress. >> that is a big issue. >> it is a work in progress. >>. >> glenn: now we have a serious story for the warriors tonight. in connecticut, west of hartford, there is
urging abdullah to stay engaged in the national dialogue, and she said the united states will support the next afghan president. richard engel, nbc news, kabul. >>> the white house has been waiting a resolution to the afghan election before deciding on a new military strategy. let's bring in nbc's mike mckhaira at the white house tonight. will we hear a decision from the president very soon? >> reporter: the president was told and apprised of the situation in afghanistan today en route to new jersey where he made a campaign swing. he talked to his national security adviser, general jim jones. the first thing you have to know about reaction a lot feel it could have been worst. dr. abdullah did not call for any boycott of the election or protests. in their public statements secretary of state clinton praised abdullah saying that he ran a dignified and constructive campaign. david axelrod said dr dr. abdullah's withdrawal statement was moderate. what we know about the process for a new strategy in afghanistan, the president met on friday with the joint chiefs of staff. it was the seventh
to the united states. he's accuse of running over his daughter withes i h car because he didn't think she was living according to traditional values. almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> what kind of business gets 800% of a mark-up on things it's reselling? a military contractor in iraq does. and as brian todd reports, if someone's being ripped off your money is paying for it. >> reporter: $196.50 for a box of washers that's supposed to cost $1.22. $237 for a vehicle side mirror that you and i should pay less than $15 for. that's how much the inspector-general for iraq's reconstruction says american taxpayers have been overbilled by a contractor that supplies vehicle parts for the iraqi army. >> we are going to work with the army material command, the army contracting command to make sure the money is recouped and that taxpayer interests are cared for. >> reporter: he deals with a company called aecom which provides equipment and logistics reports. four invoices were reviewed a tiny fraction of the total, and the company could have overbilled $4
affects 1 in 91 children in the united states and 1 in 58 boyings. it is a national crisis. >> reporter: only 15 states require insurance companies to cover aba therapy. but with changes in national health care on the horizon families are hopeful that all states will have that requirement. >> the cost for each child is exorbitant. if you get them early intervention they can do better and function later in life. >> reporter: hundreds of teams helped push the amount raised to $800,000. it will go to autism speaks towards research, awareness, advocacy and family services. 9 news and moms like were sponsors. on the national mall, peggy fox, 9 news now and >>> tom and peggy were emcees tonight. you can find more information about autism speaks on moms like >>> and tomorrow's washington examiner the fbi is probing a publicly funded child care center in wheaton. read the full story in sunday's washington examiner. >>> a cooler sunday with more rain on the way. the forecast when we come back. stay with us. president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking
religion. germany has more muslims than lebanon and twice as many mosques as the united states. young muslims here describe themselves as more religious than their parents in a country where few christians go to church. berlin is sometimes called the atheist capital of europe. but while religious freedom is shrined in the german constitution, public schools are required to offer christian religious instruction. leaders of muslim organizations are now demanding islamic religious instruction, as well, and tensions are growing. >> the number of people that don't want to live together with muslims, that don't want to have a mosque in their neighborhood, this number is rising. >> reporter: according to public opinion polls, the vast majority of germans associate islam with violence and terrorism, and they resent what they see as too many muslims sponging off the german welfare system. but the country's strong social safety net may be one reason why germany has not seen the kind of violence that scorched muslim neighborhoods in france a few years ago. young muslims there took to the streets
, on technology. it cannot afford to make mistakes. it is a mentality. >> why does israel spy on the united states? >> israel says it doesn't. that is the first ring. there was a notorious case in 1985. one man got a life sentence. he worked for naval intelligence. he did deliver secret documents, photos, two israelis in washington. he was caught. he tried to seek shelter -- seek shelter in the israeli embassy, but the isrlis refuse to give them shelter. the fbi arrested him. he was branded by israel as a rogue operation. it was part of the israeli defense ministry. since then, israel promised not to do anything like it again. the fbi still thinks israel is doing it. >> right, but a lot of it comes from israel feeling that we may not be 100% on israel's side. especially with this administration, this spying needs to go on because we are not so sure the americans are with us. we just had a report in the un that could further emphasize the fact that they are not feeling comfortable about us. it was said that israel should be brought up on war crimes. >> the u.s. voted on the israeli side. >> we did.
african americans went throu? >> predominantly blackchools, not sure about throuout the united state >> that particul year, one of the chief advocates for d.c., for d.c. school choice, so more children gebetter education we dagree with this a little eleanor, she is one othe most i think articulate and strongest advocates for why we ought to be making educationometng that is accesible, a goodducation, to every cld who wans to get it and it doesn't mea trapping em i ier city schools. >> bnie: all right, hea hear, except for the lastart of your cment. >>> that it for this edition of "to the contrary." next week, returning male war veteransay va care isn't equate. please jn us on the web for "to the contrary extra." whether your views a in agreement "to the contrary," please join us next time. caption technologies, in .
decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonnell is poised to become the first republican elected governor since jim gilmore in 199 7. >>> a story in montgomery county. a toddler has been killed and we understand he may have been playing with a c
in the united states? >> basically, you have 10% are unemployed, 10% are underemployed. secondly, jon, during this past week, there's been another pullback in the market. i agree with clarence. i really fear and maybe it's because of instinct rather than the hard knowledge, that we're gonna have another plunge down -- >> maybe it's your portfolio that you're worried about. do you have a lot of money invested in the market? >> immense amounts. >> immense amounts? i thought it was gold. >> that's what saved me. >> but everything else went down. >> what's your point? >> the point,and i spoke with pearlstein about this. he believes that the market now is a bubble, 50% run up since march. that is a bubble in his judgment, and i think he's right. >> this number is positive as it is. whether or not we're gonna see a durable sustained recovery here. one of the ironies is you look at the movement on health care reform. these are actual job killers because the amount of tax increases, we're facing monumental tax increases to pay for all of this on small businesses, which are responsible for creating 7
to the united states? and quite frankly afghanistan is important for our fight against terrorism as is pakistan. now, the legitimatesy of the afghan government is something for the people to determine. quite frankly, i think none of us would accept the type of election process they have in that country. >> but is there not that nexus between the legitimatesy and the cribblet of its democracy -- credibility in terms of it becoming a peaceful place? >> no question about it. there is a concern about whether the government can maintain the type of legitimatesy that's important to protect the rights of all citizens and to help us in our fight against terrorism. so we are concerned about the legitimatesy and the strength of the afghan government. quite frankly, mr. carsi has had a checkered past and i think that's of concern. but our concern is whether we can have an effective campaign against terrorism in afghanistan and pakistan to protect the interests of the united states. >> to health care. the senator expected to begin debate within two weeks on the bill crafted by the majority leader. how do y
the united states. you know, it's a terrible epidemic. we know that kids are getting sick and parents are getting frustrated but we're working our way through this problem. >> is there anything predictable about the spread of the flu? is it following the pattern when we talked about this back in april? >> we did. yes indeed. we thought that itould be widespread. that it would be widespread by about now. we thought that actually it would be widespread before vaccine was commonly available. and so one of our chief jobs has been to make sure the business of t country continues and other things go on even while we're in the midst of this epidemic. >> you mentioned the government released a stockpile of pediatric tamiflu. i want to ask you about some of the things that are going on on the internet. tamiflu, things being marketed as tamiflu, false cures, shampoos, is the government doing anything to crackdown on these sort of scams out there? >> absolutely. the fda is all over that on these tamiflu scams. these vaccine scams. we ask people to go to to get accurate information. i'm s
jurisdiction in the united states have what is known as at-will employment. what that means is an employer can fire an employee for any reason or no reason at an all. the exceptions that work with employment contract, professional athlete television news can c anchor or you fall in a protected class from the 1964 that r statues. otherwise they have no obligation to keep someone working that put others at risk. >> shannon: employers have things to be careful about with privacy and hipa logs and those things but if someone comes and says i had h1n1 does the employer have a right to tell other coworkers do they have to keep the information secret? do you have to rely on the employee to tell others? how does it work? >> you have to keep it secret with respect to the individual employee. the boss, supervisor can't run around the workplace and say guess what? sally jones has been diagnosed with h1n1. what they can do and what they must do is inform the other employees that they may have been exposed to this illness again without revealing the identity of the individual employee. and then at that poi
tried to fly to the united kingdom, but was denied entrance and returned to the united states. almaleki is accused of running over his daughter with his car because he didn't think she was living her life according to the traditional iraqi values. noor almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> the suspect in a deadly iraq bombing managed to kill someone during a police interrogation. iraq's interior of ministry says he grabbed a gun from a guard and shot an investigator. the investigator wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect. both died from their injuries. the suspect also looted the guard he took the gun from. investigators were questioning him in last sunday's bombing in baghdad that killed at least 160 people. that was iraq's deadliest bombing since 2007. >>> the bids are really stacking up for a motorized recliner a man drove while drunk. >> and then about five minutes later, they called me, $20,000! i'm like, are you kidding me?! >> and with just a couple days left in the auction, the price is going up. xxxxxxxxxx >>> no wortd on when san francisco's
at the united states of america. i'm an american. i love this country. i want everybody in it to do well. the conservative message is not, okay, hispanics, we have this plan for you. women, we have this plan for you. that's what the republican party is trying to do, emulate group politics, and the history is that why be democrat? let them handle that. let's go after the big tent that is the country and let's get every person in this country, i don't care what their race is, gender is, sexual orientation, if they have someone who is going to strengthen them, give them the tools, get out of their way and let them make this country work, republican party can attract a majority like they haven't seen since the '80s. >> in the "time" magazine article about glen beck recently, just as you found your place as the triumphant champion of the age of reagan, beck is tapping into the fear and anger on the right today. do you think that's why he struck such a chord, because he taps into the fear and the anger of the conservatives today? >> there is a lot of fear. there's a tremendous amount of fear i
you to learn the signs at issued, the united states commission on international religious freedom, an official government body, urged the state department to demand isa's textbooks be scrut niced for materials for quote promote violence, discrimination or intolerance based on religion or belief. the saudi government agreed it would quote revise and update textbooks to remove remaining reference that despage muslims or non-muslims or promote hatred towards other religions or religious groups. >> they brought two american professors who have some knowledge of arabic textbooks and they removed the obvious, you know, kill the jews, hate the christians, they are our enemies. >> this letter obtained by fox news reporting confirms that then brown university visiting fellow, dr. eleanor abdel la and university of north carolina charlotte anthropology professor reviewed the 2008-2009 first through 12th grade textbooks. they assured the isa's inspector general, quote: these 12 books do not contain inflammatory material. enough to do they encourage students to exhibit into
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's the candidate running for president. >> he's a candidate running for president. of the united states of america. no. hillary is running for president. obama -- hope you have a wonderful day. chris: i love the fact that he sa have a wonderful day. but in the meantime he had written the word "crazy" next to that person's name. anyway, that hbo film is this tuesday at 9:00. and when we come back, exactly a year since president obama won the white house, that genius camign, that victory over hillary and bill and then the historic first election of an african-america does this white house have the compass that campaign had? plus scoops and predictions from the notebooks of these top reporters. we'll be right back. chris: welcome back. it's the first anniversary of barack obama's historic win. the campaign ran for nearly two years from the announcement on that frigid day in springfield, illinois, on lincoln's birthday, 2007, all the way to that warm night in grant park victory. in november, 2008. obama beat the bill and hillary clinton machine. he held on to the long primary season itself and then ma
to the administration. >> again, let's step back. right now the congress of the united states has given more than four federal agencies and a whole number of other agencies the power to do consumer protection. they just did not do it well, and we're proposing to consolidate that responsibility in one place so it can be done better. now, outside of consumer protection, we're proposing to make sure the government has the same tools to manage risks it now has in small banks and tlifts for institutions that define our financial system and can bring the economy to the edge of collapse. that's a necessary function for governments to do because banks can pose enormous risk. if you don't constrain the risk taking of banks, we'll be con signed to repeat the crisis we just went through. >> i yield back. >> the gentleman from california. >> thank you. mr. secretary you submitted about 900 pages of proposed legislation. i strongly agree with well over 90%. i commend your work and that of your staff and the chairman and his staff. i hope my colleagues have gotten this "dear colleague" letter i've distributed. if a
for the president of the united states, 46 times the pay for the fed chair and treasury secretary, and more than 50 times as much as a military general. how did you determine that amount was not contrary to the public interests? >> well, we did it a number of ways. first, we gathered all the data we could gather and examined the data as to what constitute competitive market place compensation. then what we did is we made sure that that 9 million or 8 million was not guaranteed compensation. the cash component of that 9 million is likely to be $500,000 or less. the rest of it, as congressman burton pointed out, the rest of it is tied to stock which cannot be redeemed at once, has to be held two, three, four years, and a big chunk of that compensation cannot be redeemed by the official until and unless top money is repaid to the taxpayer. so it may be 9 million in theory, but in practice we believe it will be a lot less than that. gentlewoman your time has expired. >> i would like to place in the record information we have about the clients of the gentleman's law firm and would appreciate response. >
and you get on a plane and go somewhere, even out of the united states, what is the one tip that you would have for people who haven't had the vaccine but travel? >> first of all, we have to see what the pattern will be. the virus will taper back down. we hope it does. no guarantee it will. in the middle of a flu season where there is a lot of respiratory diseases, you should limit it to essential travel and not go to crowded places. you can't make a prediction of what will happen at christmas. we don't know if it will peak and come down and level off. that's the reason why the cdc tracks this carefully, literally in real time on a daily basis. >> jamie: dr. anthony fauci, infectious disease specialist. will you come back and speak with us again as it progresses? >> more than happy to. >> jamie: thank you very much. nice to see you. >> eric: we're seeing the horror stories, drivers operating trains for example can an texting on the cell phones with the devastating results. now more an more states are moving to ban texting behind the wheel. take a look. the government doesn't track statisti
across america. >> every state in the united states has a population that is overweight and obese. it's, it's an epidemic, it's a nightmare, and if we don't do something now, we're going to have a crash like the stock market in our health. >> we're gonna give you today a way-- not just for you, but every family at home-- to be able to turn this thing around so, guys, give a really big, warm welcome to brent jr. and payton! [applause] [♪...] what's up? you don't want to be here? you know what we're talking about, we're talking about food, right? i'm gonna take a break. when we come back, i'ma bet you something. you like spinach? >> no. [laughter] >> [mouthing words] you like... you like green lettuce? >> brent jr.: [softly] yeah. >> yeah? do you like... how about, do you like beets? >> i don't know what that is. >> that's a, that's a weird vegetable that your mom probably never gave you because she didn't think you would eat it, o.k., right? when we come back, what if i told you, right now, i bet you... i'm gonna give you some spinach, some beets... you're gonna drink it and be shock
that regardless of whether or not we have a stable government the united states has national interests in making sure that the taliban and ail dad al-qaet take root there but it is a really difficult situation when you have not only political corruption but narco corruption. >> chris: afghanistan epolitics will be there next creek. let's talk about the u.s. elections. >> big news in what we thought was the third race in upstate new york, the special congressional election. the liberal republican dede scozzafava in effect dropped out on saturday, making it a race between the democrat bill owens and the conservative doug hoffman. a democrat has not won that seat since 1852. now, big is this race now for both parties? >> i think this race is big because it is the only one out there. a microcostumes many of the civil war that -- a microcosm of the civil war occurring within the party. primaries are good thing and there should have been one for the republicans in that race and there wasn't. dede scozzafava was hand picked by some county chairman. if there had been a primary, hoffman would have been t
government the united states has national interests in making sure that the taliban and al qaeda do not take root there. but, it is really a difficult situation, when you have not only political corruption but narcocorruption. >> chris: you know what, afternoon politics will there be next week and let's talk about the u.s. election which will not be here next week, mara, big news, interestingly, what we thought in the race, upstate new york the congressional election, the liberal republican, dede scozzafa scozzafava, mabowed out and the democrat, they've not seen a democrat since 1852. >> it is' big race, the only one out there and is a microcosm of the civil war occurring inside the republican party and one of the morals of the story here is primaries are good things and there should have been one. for the republicans in that race and there wasn't. dede scozzafava was hand-picked by a county chairman and if there was a primary, hoffman would have been the nominee and the question is what lesson will republicans nationally take from this and certainly i think it will say the right, grassroot
department was solely to defend the constitution of the united states. i have been violating that what i saw congress being light into this war, as did all those other german -- lied into this war, as did all these other gentlemen. i will come to the fact, as did matthew hoh, that the constitution superseded all of those other loyalties, and that is what i told the truth. i get the documents, tiff them first to senator fulbright's -- gave them first to senator fulbright. he did not put them out, because he was afraid of political retaliation from the administration. after two more innovations, cambodia and -- two more innovations, cambodia and laos, the effort was widening. as it is widening now. someone in my position my advice is don't wait until the war has started. if you have the documents and notes that we have gone in the wrong direction, consider going to congress, but also to the press. in the beginning, that is what i should have done but i should not have -- that is what i should have done. i should not have waited a year and a half before going to "the new york times." i say to p
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